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* 1. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being Clearly Understand, please rate your overall satisfaction of the PEP Talk conference.

  5 Clearly Understand 4 3 Somewhat Understand 2 1 Need Additional Information to Understand
1. Did you understand the information about freshman course selections?
2. Did you understand the information about career clusters enough to help you explore?
3. Do you understand career pathways?
4. Do you understand the importance of extracurricular and volunteer activities and how they will help you for future scholarship, job and college applications?

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* 2. Please evaluate the following:

  Useful Not Useful
Riverview Counseling Website
Career Portfolio
PHS Counseling Website
Overall Value of the PEP Talk

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* 3. Any comments/suggestions you may have to improve PEP Talks or how we would better meet your future educational needs, please feel free to enter them here: