CDE Blended and Online Learning Survey

This survey contains sections with questions for:
1. Educators (including administrators & other education professionals)
2. Parents & Guardians
3. Students

Your answer to Question 1 in the All Stakeholders/Respondents section below will guide you to the appropriate section (Educators, Parents/Guardians, Students) to complete.

Purpose of Survey
With a new school year around the corner, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) is continuing our work to learn from educators, families, and leaders about how to best ensure growth and achievement for Colorado students. A critical piece of this is hearing from you. We recognize this is not a short survey. We are grateful for the time you invest to provide answers, comments, and perspectives. The information gathered here will be shared with state leaders to shape how we support students, parents/guardians, and educators. This survey is one step in a multi-phased stakeholder engagement process. In the early fall, we will also be hosting a series of online focus groups on these topics that will be shaped in part by the responses gathered through this survey.

Background on BLI
CDE's Blended Learning Initiative (BLI) reassesses instruction and strong student outcomes as a result of the pandemic. The BLI offers education stakeholders throughout Colorado opportunities to discuss how students have been impacted, how education has evolved, and where we go from here. Your feedback will contribute to the collective conversation about blended and online learning. The following terms may be useful when differentiating blended and online learning throughout the survey: 

Blended Learning - A formal education program through which a student learns at least in part away from a physical school building or in part through digital content at a supervised physical location that is not the student's home. 

Online Learning – Learning that is provided by a full-time online school or program offered through a school district. Students may access online learning as part, or all, of their academic schedule. Also referred to as "primary online" throughout this survey. A list of Colorado online schools and programs can be found at:

Blended Learning Courses - "Blended learning courses" are courses taken by students enrolled in a brick-and-mortar school in which some of the instruction is regularly received in-person, on-site and some of the instruction is received regularly off-site, digitally. 

Supplemental Online Courses - "Supplemental online courses" are courses taken by students enrolled in a brick-and-mortar school in which all of the instruction is received off-site, digitally. In the survey, you may not see the term “supplemental online” used, but instead “primarily online”. In those instances, assume that the situation described would be for a student enrolled in a brick-and-mortar school whose academic schedule is comprised mostly of supplemental online courses.  
CDE’s Blended Learning Initiative (BLI) webpage: