Basic Information

Criteria for mentors in the ACRL Dr. E.J. Josey Spectrum Scholar Mentor Program:

1. Must be a personal member of ACRL.
2. Committed to being a mentor for a minimum of one year and up to a maximum of three years.
3. Must attend an online mentoring tips session.
4. Assume a proactive role towards the achievement of your mentee's goals.
5. Agree to communicate with mentee monthly or on a mutually-agreeable regular basis.
6. Agree to spend time together at conferences when both mentor/mentee attend.
7. Must complete and submit brief assessment surveys, provided by the mentoring committee, about the mentor/mentee relationship no more than twice per year.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Current job title

* 3. Employer

* 4. ALA member # (if known):

* 5. Do you wish to provide information about yourself for the purposes of assisting with mentor/mentee matching?

20% of survey complete.