September 4, 2019
9:30 am – 1:30 pm
Greenboro  Community Centre
363 Lorry Greenberg Drive
Ottawa, ON K1T 3P8
Sheer grit and countless hours of effort are what go into the survival of most non-profits. Autonomy is hard-earned, and protecting what’s been built, serving vulnerable populations, and staying accountable to local needs is at the heart of what we do. And yet - Money is always tight. Human resources are sometimes hard to come by. Reporting is time-consuming. IT systems are expensive. And, the political environment is asking non-profits to do ever more with less. Something has to give.

This half-day in-person interactive workshop will explore, in practical ways, the essential components needed to build strong, long-lasting collaborations and partnerships. The workshop will focus on:

- What is the current state of our relationships, (formal and informal) and are they successful collaborations? How do we know that?
- Considering the spectrum of collaboration, where are there opportunities for us to work with others? What do we have to offer (assets, strengths)? What do we need (gaps, weaknesses)?
- How might we begin to learn more about one another, and how can we find ways to work smarter together (through back office, service delivery or programmatic design, or other functions such as fundraising, communications, or government relations)

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