Welcome prospective host family!

Thank you for your commitment to our hosting program. You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life! In order to ensure protection of the hosted children, this application package must be completed and submitted within 5 days of your selection of a particular child to host. Missed deadlines may cause the hold you have placed on a child to be released without notice.

Once you submit your application you will receive notification within 5-7 days about whether or not you have been approved to host with NHFC. If approved, you will be provided with a documents packet that you must complete and return ASAP.

You may go back and forth between pages, but once you submit the form you cannot go back in and make changes. Please complete the application when you have 45-60 minutes.

To complete this application you will need your driver's license, name of your auto and home insurance, names and contact for 4 references, and each parent's testimony of when you accepted Christ.

*required questions
If a question does not apply to you, please mark n/a

* 1. Hosting program?

* 2. Child(ren) ID# if you have it

* 3. Primary email for correspondence

* 4. Mother's first name

* 5. Mother's middle name (if none leave blank)

* 6. Mother's last name

* 7. Mother's date of birth

Date / Time

* 8. Best email and phone to reach mother

* 9. Mother's Driver's License Number

* 10. Mother's driver's license state

* 11. Mother's driver's license expiration

* 13. Mother's Occupation

* 14. Name of Mother's Employer if Employed Outside the Home

* 15. Number of years with employer (round to whole numbers)

* 16. Mother's interests or hobbies

* 17. Couples living together as well as those engaged in a homosexual lifestyle are not permitted to host. Only single mothers and married heterosexual couples are eligible to host per our country contracts. Please specify your current marital status.

8% of survey complete.