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* 1. What is your status?

* 2. Library Usage Frequency

  Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Never
How often do you come to the library?
How often do you access resources through the library Web page?
How often do you use Google, Yahoo, or other internet search engines?

* 4. When you have an assignment that requires research, where are you most likely to find useful information? Please rank these types of sources from most often used (1) to least often used (4).

  1 2 3 4
Library Databases/Electronic Journals
Print Journals/Magazines

* 5. How often do you use the following social websites?

  Several Times a Day About Once a Day 3-5 Days a Week 1-2 Days a Week Every Few Weeks Less Often Never

* 6. How many hours each week do you spend in the library when you are NOT using a computer?

* 7. Put a check mark next to the reason(s) you come to the library:

* 8. Have you ever searched for books using the library's online catalog?

* 9. The library's webpage has been updated this semester. Are you able to find all the information you need on the library's new webpage?

* 10. Are you aware that there is an instant messenger portal on the library's webpage and that you may chat with a reference librarian from any computer?