* 1. Which category do you race currently? Please check all that apply for the 2012 season.

* 2. Please choose the ideal scenario for women's categories and combinations on race day. On a typical race day, women receive 3 time slots. We are looking for the best category combination to increase women's participation on all levels. Please select the option you feel is best for increasing women's participation and membership retention.

Option 1: Masters racing with their appropriate Senior Category: SW 1-2 and Masters Women 1-2; SW 3 and Masters 3; Senior Women 4 and Masters 4. This means that women cannot double up on race day and if wishing to race twice, they must race with the appropriate men's category.

Option 2: Utilize a Masters A and Masters B categorization. For grouping on race day, SW 1-2 race OR SW Open; SW 3 and Masters A race; and SW 4 and Master B race. Most Masters B are new to racing and could gain experience with the 4's. Upgrades from a Masters B to Masters A could be based on experience. No upgrade points for Master's for their appropriate Senior category will be awarded from a Master's race; i.e. A Masters B racer cannot earn points towards a Cat 3 upgrade. Must race Senior 4 to earn upgrade points to move to Cat 3.**

Option 3: Same categories as 2012 and grouping would occur as follows: SW 1-2 race or SW Open; SW 3 and Masters 35+/45+/55+/65+; and SW 4. If promoter chooses an SW Open race, all racers will be competing for one set of upgrade points. SW3 will still have their own upgrade points in their own race with the Master's women.

Option 4: Same categories as 2012 and grouping would occur as follows: SW 1-2, 3; SW 3/4; Masters 35+/45+/55+/65+. Most Local Associations operate with this scenario. Cup and upgrade points for SW 3's and SW 4's would be separated out in an SW3/4 race. SW 123 races would be scored together for cup and upgrade points.

Option 5: No change.

Option 6: None of the above. If selecting this option, please provide an explanation. Again, no more than 3 time slots will be offered for women on a road racing day.

**Note for Option 2: Here are some concerns relating only to option 2:
1. No criteria is used to distinguish a A from a B as of yet so criteria needs to be defined by a volunteer committee from the women's summit.
2. Moving from a B to A based on experience is too vague and needs specific criteria as well.
3. Since licenses only deal with Categories, not generic A, B labels, registration guidelines need to be established.
4. No definition of how downgrades could occur from an A to a B and would need to be established.
5. An A racer should not be able to race in one race as an A and then as B the next, and then back to an A. Riders could be picking and choosing races on their strengths/ability level in that discipline. Because of this, A and B could no longer be cup races.

If you define A as 1/2 and B as 3/4, Then a B4 can only moving up based on experience, the B3 cannot. Experience only applies to category 4.

* 3. How long have you been riding a bike?

* 4. How long have you been racing bikes?

* 5. Which disciplines do you currently race? Check all that apply.

* 6. Women's Clinics/Camp modeled after the success of Junior Clinics is an initiative for the BRAC's Women's Programs that was discussed at the Women's Summit. Ideally it would be nice to break clinics up into beginner (riding in packs, pace lining, cornering), intermediate (cornering at high speeds, echelons, group tactics, descending) and advanced (advanced tactics, sling shot sprinting, breakaways).

How many days would you personally be interested in attending or assisting for a Clinic/Camp?

* 7. How much would you be willing to pay to participate in a skills clinic/camp for at least a half day if learning the skills above?

* 8. The following initiatives were agreed upon at the Women's Summit.

1- BRAC serves as communication point for intra-club rides and get togethers to build camaraderie.
2- Continue with 3 mentoring events in spring 2013 - with more advertising and marketing support.
3- A one-day Women's Camp. Date TBD.
4-Two FREE 15-20 minute newbie crits for women who have never raced in a bike race.

Do you feel like the Women's Summit was a success? Please elaborate on your answer.

* 9. Would you like to volunteer for any of the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado's Women's Initiatives for 2013? If yes, please provide your name and email address below.

* 10. Please select your age range.