Saybrook Informed Consent Form

Informed Consent


The researchers for this project are Dr. Louis Hoffman, Jane Paige, Gayle Byock, Shawn Ellis, Julia Falk, Michaela Lewis, Jennifer O’Neill, Jacquie Sarsfield Vassall, Danielle Silveira, Gwen Sipes, Dominique Wamsley, Ashley Whitaker, and Tammi Vu. Dr. Louis Hoffman is a faculty member at Saybrook University in California. The co-researchers are students at Saybrook University. We are conducting a research study to identify influences on humanistic psychology. We invite you to participate.


If you participate in this research, you will be asked to complete an online survey through Survey Monkey.  It will take 20-30 minutes to complete the survey.


You are eligible to participate in this research if:
  1. You are a humanistic psychology professional with 2-years of professional experience.
  2. You are 20-years old or older.
  3. You speak fluent English.
You are not eligible to participate in this research if:
  1. You have less than 2-years experience as a humanistic professional.
  2. You are under 20-years old.
  3. You do not speak English.
We hope to include at least 100 participants in this research.


There are minimal risks in this study.  Some possible risks include anxiety from answering questions.

To decrease the impact of these risks, you can discontinue at any time. You may also take a break or skip questions you do not know how to answer.


If you decide to participate, you will contribute to the development and clarification of humanistic psychology.

The potential benefits to others include advancing humanistic psychology. This may benefit consumers of psychology services.


The information you provide will be 100% anonymous. 1) We will not collect identifying information, 2) we will not know who has participated in the study, and 3) we will maintain the data in electronic files that are password protected.

The people who will have access to your information are the researchers of this study.

We will keep your data for 7 years. Then, we will delete electronic data and destroy paper data.

Contact Information:

If you have questions for me, you can contact the researchers at

If you have questions about your rights in the research, or if a problem has occurred, or if you are injured during your participation, please contact the Institutional Review Board at: or 510-593-2935.

Voluntary Participation:

Your participation is voluntary.  If you decide not to participate, or if you stop participation after you start, there will be no penalty to you.  You will not lose any benefit to which you are otherwise entitled.

Agreeing to Participate

By taking this survey you agree knowingly to assume any risks involved. Remember, your participation is voluntary. You may choose not to participate or to withdraw your consent and discontinue participation at any time without penalty or loss of benefit. Simply click out of the survey.  By taking this survey you are not waiving any legal claims, rights, or remedies. If you would like a copy of this consent form please print it out.

Taking this survey indicates that you consent to participate in the above study.