* 1. Your Child's Name

* 2. My child is considerate of other people's feelings.

* 3. My child often loses his/her temper.

* 4. My child is rather solitary and would prefer playing alone instead of with others.

* 5. My child is generally well behaved and usually does what adults request.

* 6. My child is constantly fidgeting or squirming, or is generally on the move all the time.

* 7. My child is easily distracted; his/her concentration wanders.

* 8. My child is nervous or clingy in new situations; he/she easily loses confidence.

* 9. My child sees chores or homework through to completion without much parental support.

* 10. How would you describe your child to their new Kindergarten teacher?  What are some strengths and weaknesses that you can tell us about your child? Are there any other concerns about your child that you would like to share with us?

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