Request for Proposals

FY2019 Environmental Grants
The Madison County Resource Management Program, under the guidance of the County Board’s Planning and Development Committee, is announcing a request for proposals for environmental projects.  This grant program is designed to assist units of local government with environmental objectives and projects including solid waste management, air quality initiatives, energy efficiencies, smart growth, and stormwater abatement.  The goal of the program is to promote best management practices and case studies of positive environmental projects within Madison County. 
A printable version of this application is available for download here. 

Eligibility of expenditures includes projects that address energy efficiency, solid waste management, air/water quality, and planning. See list of Project Examples at the end of this document for additional ideas. Please consider all best management practices when selecting expenditures and contact staff if you have a question regarding eligibility.  Other projects that advance the county’s resource management initiatives, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Policy and planning expenditures require township/municipal resolutions before grant funding is reimbursed.
Ineligible expenditures include recreational equipment, transportation, mileage, labor, education, disposal fees, tractors and/or wheeled vehicles, or generators powered by gas, diesel, or propane unless upgrading to more efficient models. 
All grants require 20% matching funds.  This match can also come from trade in of equipment or other grants (state, federal, or foundation).  Projects with state, federal, or other partnership funding are preferred, not required.   The match can be met with in-kind contributions such as: transportation, mileage, additional purchases, and labor and/or volunteer time.   
Grantee must provide at least one resolution from a park board, city council, or governing body approving/supporting the application. Other letters of support/referral from local officials are strongly preferred, but not required. NOTE: If resolutions cannot be obtained by the grant submission deadline, please submit a letter stating when the resolution is expected to be passed and submitted.

The Planning & Development Staff will score all eligible proposals based primarily upon previous allocations, congruency with county objectives, and environmental efficiency and aptitude.  Project point rank assignments will then be forwarded to the Planning & Development Committee for review and approval.  Madison County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.  Applicants with previous outstanding grants unpaid by Planning & Development will be deemed ineligible until previous fiscal year balances are paid or waived.

December 2018 - Grant Announced
Fri., January 11, 2019 - Grant Application Due
Mon, February 25, 2019 - Grant Applicants Notified
Fri., October 25, 2019 - Reimbursement Request Deadline

Reimbursement Process:
The Planning & Development Department will reimburse the applicant for 100% of the total grant award upon the following:

1) Planning & Development staff conducting a site visit to view and document work completed as a result of the funding.

2) Following the site visit the grantee must provide the following to request reimbursement:
            * Letter of request for payment on official letterhead
            * Proper invoices
            * Cancelled check copies or other proof of payment
            * Expense Summary Spreadsheet (provided upon notification of funding)
            * Pictures or other documentation of the project

All reimbursements for FY 2019 Environmental Grants must be requested by October 25, 2019. Should any extension be needed, written document must be provided to the Madison County Planning & Development Department. In the event this arrangement is not practical, exceptions may be made.  All payments will be made in full; partial payments will not be issued.

Please submit all application questions to:
Kim Lehmann, Resource Management Coordinator
Madison County Planning & Development
157 N. Main St., Suite 254
Edwardsville, IL 62025
Phone: 618-296-4319
Fax: 618-692-8982