The New Zealand Sustainable Finance Forum (SFF) is the first project launched by The Aotearoa Circle, recognising the critical role of finance to achieve, and accelerate, the transition to a sustainable economy, and the need for a financial system that is fit for that purpose. 

As part of the SFF's work, an interim report has been developed which represents the collective, and voluntary, efforts of the SFF undertaken from January 2019 to October 2019.   
The following 11 priority areas have emerged from our work:
  • Long-term purpose and leadership
  • Legal obligations
  • Performance management and remuneration
  • System architecture
  • Sustainability education
  • Data and reporting
  • Pricing environmental and social outcomes
  • Market stability
  • Defining sustainability
  • Scaling positive impact
  • Inclusiveness
Why this survey?
For each priority area, the Interim Report sets out questions on potential pathways, which we are looking for further feedback on. This survey contains those questions and is open to Māori, Iwi, members of society, businesses or financial system participants.  

Confidentiality and questions
Completion is entirely voluntary and you can address selected questions only if you prefer.  

When submitting this survey, you will be asked for certain identifying factors such as your name, role and the organisation you are representing (if any).   

If you have any questions please email:

When is this due?
This survey will run from November 2019 to the end of February 2020. 

This feedback is important in the development of our Final Report and Roadmap for Action, due to be finalised by July 2020.  We thank you and appreciate your contribution. 

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