* 1. What is your role?

* 2. What community/school type do you represent (if applicable)?

* 3. What part of Oklahoma do you represent?

* 4. Do you represent, in a formal capacity, any of the following organizations? (if applicable)

* 5. Please specify your ethnicity.

* 6. What was your total household income before taxes during the past 12 months?

Framework Questions

* 7. Is achieving a state graduation rate of 90% in 10 years a reasonable and ambitious goal?

* 8. The ESSA provides the opportunity for Title I schools that do not meet the 40% poverty requirement to apply for a waiver from the OSDE to implement a schoolwide program. Should the OSDE consider a waiver process to allow for Title I schools below 40% poverty to utilize the schoolwide funding strategy?

* 9. In what ways could your district more successfully braid funding? (braiding funds refers to the practice of using two or more sources of funding for the same purpose while still being able to account for the funds separately.)

* 10. Is this a reasonable n size for these purposes?

* 11. What actions are reasonable for not meeting the 95% participation rate in the accountability system?

* 12. For EL students in their first year (new comer), what is reasonable in measuring the academic proficiency for English language arts?

* 13. How often should Oklahoma assign school designations?

* 14. Which of the following options should the OSDE impose upon such low-performing LEAs in order to meet the requirement for more rigorous interventions? (check all that apply)

* 15. Which members of the LEA and site should be required to attend the Instructional Leadership Development training?

* 16. How many years should a site be designated for comprehensive support and improvement before receiving an increase in rigor and support from the state?

* 17. What are key strategies for equipping educators with rich, applicable professional development? (Rank order with 1 being the most important.)

* 18. What is missing in Oklahoma schools that students need to receive a well-rounded education?