We're interested in your thoughts!

The Dubuque County Library District wants your feedback on the 2017 summer reading program.  Please take a few minutes to share your experience and help us as we plan for next year.  Thank you very much!

* 1. Which Branch of the Library did you primarily use for the summer reading program?

* 2. Were you satisfied, overall, with the 2017 Build a Better World summer reading program at the Dubuque County Library District?

* 3. Please indicate your satisfaction with the number of programs at your primary branch.

* 4. Was there a good distribution of activities for for all age groups?

* 5. Would you (or did you) travel to another branch for a program?

* 6. Were the times and days of the week for programs and special events convenient?

* 7. Was the reading progress tracking (puzzle pieces for kids, bingo cards for young adults)  easy to use and understand?

* 8. Were you satisfied with the incentives (prizes) offered?

* 9. Would you support extending the summer reading program through the first full week of August?

* 10. If you are the parent/caregiver for children who participated in the summer reading program, do you feel that it helped motivate your child to read over the summer?

* 11. Please share anything else you would like us to know about your summer reading program experience or about the Library in general.