* 2. Why did you choose City and Islington College? (Please rate your choices, with 1 being your first choice. Please select up to 3 only).

  1. First Choice 2. Second Choice 3. Third Choice
It has a good reputation for teaching
It has a good reputation for students moving on to university
It has a good reputation for students moving into employment
The facilities/buildings are good
The exam results are good
The College offers course(s) I want
There’s a friendly, welcoming and safe atmosphere
The location is convenient
The Ofsted rating is impressive
I have friends here
My parents recommended it
My school teacher/careers advisor recommended it
There is good financial support for students
I can access childcare facilities
It offers higher education courses
The fees are affordable
The course dates and times are convenient

* 3. How useful were the following in finding out more information about us?

  Very useful Quite useful OK Not very useful Useless I didn’t use/see/attend
College’s Course Information Unit (Phoneline)
College website
College open day or other event
Newspaper/magazine article
College Facebook page
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* 4. First name

* 5. Last name

* 6. Email

* 7. Telephone

* 8. Address (we need this to send the iTunes voucher to you if you are the lucky winner)

* 9. By filling in your details, you are giving permission to City and Islington College to contact you relating to our courses, events and activities held by the College. We will not pass on your details to any third party. If you do not wish to receive this information, please tick the box.