Introduction to the survey

You are receiving this survey because you attended the Well Connected workshop on 7th July 2015. We invited you to tell us how we can improve the current assessment and care planning processes. We want to continue to work with you to develop a new, joined-up process and an electronic tool. The aim is to improve things for patients and service users and reduce the number of times you have to give the same information to different organisations who are trying to understand what level of care or support you might need. The outcome of this assessment process is a "care plan". You told us that this needs to be a single personalised document which is developed for and owned by the Patient or Service user. It will describe the agreed level of care and support provided by different people or organisations. This will be flexible and adaptable and will only be shared with the owners consent.

This short survey is designed to summarise what we heard at the workshop and to capture the views of other people who were unable to attend on the day. You gave us some additional ideas and we would like you to tell us how important these are to you so that we can prioritise them when planning the new tool. The free text boxes at the end of each section allow you to add comments telling us about anything else which might have been missed at the workshop that you would like to share.

None of the boxes are mandatory, we have done this so that you can see the comments made by different participants.

* 1. We want to make sure that we include feedback from as many people as possible who might be affected by this development. Please could you indicate which of the following roles best describes you -