* 1. Please choose which categories best identify you. (You can choose more than one category)

* 2. What kind of condo do you live in?

* 3. We are preparing ACMO/CCI's 6th Annual Spring Conference. What best describes your past attendance at the Ottawa ACMO/CCI Annual Spring Conference?

* 4. The conference usually lasts all day and includes lunch. On which day would you prefer to have such a conference?

* 5. This year, we were thinking of holding a meet and greet the EVENING BEFORE the actual conference. This meet and greet would be held from 5pm to 7 pm and would provide an opportunity for all attendees to meet and greet each other as well as network with each other. Refreshments and snacks would be served. Would you attend if we held such an event the evening before the conference?

* 6. What topics would you like to see covered this year?