Welcome to our short SUMT survey!

We can't thank you enough for participating in this short survey. 
We've made it as multiple-choice as humanly possible so that you can basically race through the questions.

The plan is that this will enable us to help you link in to the best ways that you and SUMT 'fit' together.  There are definitely some people that used to partner with us a lot, and have fallen silent, and others of us who just don't know what SUMT are still up to! 

Our aim with this is that you can use this as an opportunity to re-think your SUMT world.  We're absolutely passionate about enabling people from local churches to engage with local schools and serve local young people in ways that are faith-enhancing.  The more people partner in these ways, the more we are able to place faith within reach for all of the Island's children and young people.

Thanks for taking the time - it should take you 2-10 minutes, that's all!

Thanks again,

Alex Brown and the SUMT team.

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