General Information

Migration Heritage Foundation (MHF) provides non-compensatory stipends not to exceed $250 to parents/guardians of minors Age 5 and above who are enrolled in programs operated by a non-profit organization.   The awards are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who qualify as long as funds are available.  These awards intend to develop writing skills among youth, while developing awareness of their heritage.  Along with the application, parents/guardians must include a 500- word-or-less essay (written by the minor)--titled, My (minor’s nationality--i.e. African American, Indian, Asian, Caucasian, etc.) Roots, My Dreams.  The essay should show that the minor made an effort to gather ancestral information such as names of parents, grandparents, etc., and where they were born. It should also briefly the minors future plans.  In lieu of the essay, minors who may not have learned to write complete sentences may complete a Heritage Worksheet, which may be requested by e-mailed from

Award Criteria

Stipends are available to U.S. Resident Parents of Needy Youth over Age 5.

PROOF OF NEED: Submit one of following to verify needy status:

1.      A copy of  a notice verifying that the student is eligible for either reduced meal rates, food stamps or summer feeding program.

-          OR -

2.      A copy of parent/guardian’s income tax return for the previous year to verify household income below the poverty level.  If income tax return is provided, remove all identifying information such as date of birth and first five digits of social security number.  (Visit for more information about poverty leve
Application Requirements

Applicants must submit the following:

1.      A completed application.

2.      PROOF OF NEED, as described above.

3.      An essay or completed Heritage Worksheet, as described in the first paragraph above.

Note:  Parents may be requested to submit proof  of how funds were used to help needy minors. This proof could be an itemized list of how funds were spent.

* 1. Parent/Guardian Identifying Information

* 2. Residency Status

* 3. Minor's Identifying Information

* 4. Describe in the space below how the funds will be used to support the minor.

* 5. Optional Identifying Information for Minor (Note:  The following information is  optional.  If provided, it is used when we generate post award report and in no way affects decisions to make awards).  Answer all that apply.

The stipend will be used for a minor who is:

* 6. Describe below how you helped, or ensured that the minor prepared his/her Heritage Essay or Work Sheet

* 7. Applicant Signature:  Sign by typing  the name of the person completing this form below. By doing so, you are certifying that the information provided in this application is correct to the best of your knowledge.

* 8. Please click the DONE button to submit the COMPLETED APPLICATION. Mail PROOF OF NEED and HERITAGE ESSAY or WORKSHEET as described on Page 1 to Migration Heritage Foundation/Stipends, P.O. Box 247, Durant, MS 3903 or e-mail documents to

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