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Staff:  Brok Armantrout, Director;  Susan Danielewicz, City Planner
Sign thoughts:  We understand that, from a business perspective, there should be no regulation on signs, or as little regulation as possible.  “Let the market choose how to market itself.”  But the fact is that sign regulations are necessary.  There is such a thing as too many signs, and signs of the wrong type.  When that happens, businesses are actually hurt by this, as well as the community.

For one thing, too many signs create visual clutter that can be a distraction to motorists, which is hazardous, especially when there are numerous temporary signs placed near the road.  Second, when signs all compete with each other, everything gets lost in the mess --- more signage is not always the best solution.  Third, uncontrolled signage creates a less attractive community, which hurts property values, tourism, and ultimately, hurts business.  It’s not that Boulder City needs to look like a Master Planned community, with strict style and design guidelines.  Boulder City is not that kind of community.  But we want to know what kind of community Boulder City wants to be, and the sign code should, ideally, reflect both the community’s desire and satisfy the needs of the businesses.  The focus of the sign code is not necessarily geared toward less signage vs. more signage, but BETTER signage for everyone.

The sign code will probably never be brief, but it can definitely be amended to be a better reflection of what our businesses and community want.  With that in mind, the City would like your input on sign regulations.  Please offer your input here, and if you’d like to provide more comment or suggestions, feel free to email us (contact info at top). We plan to do updates and corrections to the current sign code, and Staff, the Planning Commission and the City Council want your suggestions.

Keeping in mind Boulder City’s desire to emphasize its small-town atmosphere...