CRS Survey

Integrated Healthcare System/Children's Rehabilitative Services (CRS)

AHCCCS is exploring the integration of healthcare services for children currently eligible for the CRS Program. That means children in the Program would receive coverage for their primary care medical services and their CRS specialty services from the same health plan. We have been conducting individual interviews and focus group sessions to identify issues and concerns, and determine how best to move toward integrating healthcare services. We value hearing from you, and invite you to complete the brief survey below.

* 1. Please provide information about yourself. (Optional)

* 2. AHCCCS is considering integrating primary care and CRS specialty services under one health plan for children who are currently eligible for the CRS program. Are you in favor of this idea?

* 3. Some eligible children are enrolled in other programs in addition to primary care and CRS specialty services. What other programs should also be provided by the same health plan? (You may select more than one.)

* 4. At this time, only one AHCCCS health plan is contracted to provide CRS specialty services. However, families have a choice of AHCCCS health plans for their children's primary care services. If CRS and AHCCCS services are integrated, should there be more than one choice of integrated health plans?

* 5. Do you think primary care services should be provided in the same location as CRS specialty services?

* 6. If primary care and CRS specialty services are included in one health plan, should other children in the family and parents who are also on AHCCCS be able to enroll in the same health plan?

* 7. What assistance would help create a more coordinated system of care? (You may select more than one.)

* 8. When should care coordination be available in an integrated healthcare system?

* 9. Right now, CRS eligibility ends at age 21. Should eligibility be extended beyond age 21?

* 10. What is currently working well in the CRS program that should be preserved?

* 11. Is there anything else you would like to say to the team that is working on plans relating to an integrated healthcare delivery system for children who are eligible for the CRS program?