* 1. Class Name and Days/ Times:

* 2. Instructor's Name:

* 3. Please use the following scale to rate the instructor and class

  Below Average Average Above Average Excellent N/A
Classes started on time.
Instructor was well prepared for the class
Instructor interacted well with participants
Modifications were given for all levels
Gave a variety of movements
Easy to follow/ clear instruction
Gave safety reminders/ suggestions during class
Equipment was available to each participant
Instructor was knowledgeable
There was a warm-up each day
Aerobic exercise was incorporated into each class
Strength/ muscle conditioning was incorporated
Stretch/ Cool Down
Appropriate level of difficulty
Appropriate Volume so all could hear
Overall Class rating

* 4. What do you like most about this instructor?

* 5. Suggestions for improving the class.

* 6. Additional Comments: