Completing this survey is the first step toward recognition as an Age-Friendly Health System. The survey will ask you to describe how you plan to adopt the 4Ms in your setting of care. If you would like to learn more about the 4Ms and how to put them into practice, visit the Guide to Using the 4Ms in the Care of Older Adults (the “Guide”). You can also view a pdf-worksheet version of this survey in Appendix C of the Guide. (To be recognized you must submit electronically, via this survey).

Please note if your organization has more than one hospital or practice, they may be included in one submission if they are all the same kind of setting (i.e. inpatient or outpatient). The questions will differ depending on whether your site(s) is inpatient or outpatient. Remember that all sites submitted together must also follow the same 4Ms care plan.

There are two levels of recognition. 

Level 1: An Age-Friendly Health System Participant is recognized for being on the journey to becoming an Age-Friendly Health System and has submitted a description of how it is working towards putting the 4Ms into practice. 

- To be recognized, complete this survey with how you plan to adopt the 4Ms. Click “first time submitting description or description is revised from previous month.”

- IHI will review and provide feedback for each 4Ms Care Descriptions within 3 weeks of your submission.

Level 2: Age-Friendly Health System - Committed to Care Excellence is a recognition for being an exemplar in the movement based on 4Ms work that is aligned with the Guide AND at least three months’ count of older adults reached with evidence-based, 4Ms care.

- To be recognized at this level, review the feedback you received from when you submitted your 4Ms Description survey to be recognized as an Age-Friendly Health System Participant. The feedback will indicate whether the Description is approved and aligned the Guide.

- If your Description was NOT approved, make adjustments to your Description and resubmit by clicking “First time submitting description or description is revised from previous month.”

- If your Description was approved, use this survey to submit your monthly counts of older adults benefitting from evidence-based 4Ms care, as outlined in your Description, by clicking “Description has not changed from previous month and hospital or practice has received notice from that description is  aligned with Guide to Using the 4Ms in the Care of Older Adults.”

- Once you have submitted three months of counts, IHI will send you a Committed to Care Excellence badge and a communications kit so you can celebrate this level of recognition in your local community.  

Please note that we are currently recognizing Nursing Homes using a new Nursing Homes Form that can be found on Please download and e-mail the completed form in its entirety to

7% of survey complete.