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Evaluating the impact of AMBER resources is important to us. We want to understand your current approach to, and confidence in, using cross-curricular, inquiry-based methodologies in teaching STEM.
The information from this evaluation will inform further resource development and provide valuable insight into the needs of teachers in implementing STEM in conjunction with other curricula areas within the primary school system.

The evaluation will address the following questions:
- Has engaging with the AMBER lessons had an impact on teachers’ confidence in using inquiry as an approach for student learning?
- Has teachers’ understanding of integrated, cross-curricular approaches to teaching STEM and literacy changed and does this impact their future lesson planning?
- Do teachers require supplemental support to better utilise resources and implement learning methodologies in integrating STEM?
- Has engaging with the AMBER lessons had an impact on teachers’ understanding of materials science and its role in society?

Your input into this evaluation will ensure that the development of AMBER resources and Continuing Profession Development programmes are relevant and designed to meet your, and your classes, educational needs.

It is envisaged that this research will be published in education journals and conference papers and used in reports.

All information is confidential and will in no circumstances be made available to any third party. All information provided by you will be used for research purposes only.

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If you wish to ask further questions about this evaluation please contact one of the research coordinator:

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