General Attendance

In an effort to serve you and allocate resources more efficiently, the Chameleon Club and the Association for Consciousness Exploration invite you to provide feedback on Starwood 25 in 2005.

Please invite other Starwood 25 attendees to come and fill this out too (One response per computer please). If you exit the survey before clicking "Done ->" on the last page, your answers will not be collected.

Thank you for helping us make Starwood Americas Favorite Magical Event!

* 1. What were the things you liked best about this years Starwood Festival?

* 2. What things about Starwood 25 did you enjoy the least?

* 6. How did you first learn about the Starwood Festival? (Choose one)

* 7. What other Chameleon Club/ACE events have you attended?

* 8. If you attended, what was your opinion of the 2005 Starwood Festival?

* 9. When did you arrive at Starwood 2005?

* 11. What is your opinion of the overall quality of workshops and presenters?

* 12. How would you describe the variety of workshops at Starwood?

* 13. What workshop topics do you most enjoy?

* 14. What workshop topics do you least enjoy? (If we had to narrow our focus, which topics would you suggest we leave out?)

* 15. Any suggestions? About anything? C'mon, here's your chance to tell us how we should be running things...

Thank you for your invaluable feedback.

WinterStar 23 is February 23 - 26, 2006
Starwood 26 is July 18 - 23, 2006.