Mentor Toolkit

What is a mentor?

A mentor is an experienced person who willingly and voluntarily provides useful and professional advice and guidance to a mentee with the hopes of helping him or her establish, define, and achieve career objectives and goals.
What are the qualifications?

*Five plus years of library experience
*Minimum commitment of one year to the program
*Willingness to communicate with mentee at least twice per month
*Willingness to be flexible when working with the mentee
*Must be a CLA Member
What will be expected of the mentor?

*To make the initial contact with the mentee and clarify expectations of both participants
*To take an interest and listen openly to mentees concerns, challenges, and successes
*To honestly and objectively answer questions regarding employment, career, and advancement expectations
*To provide feedback to the mentee regarding his/her strengths and development needs
*To guide and assist the mentee in setting career, employment, and work-related goals
*To maintain a high level of confidence and trust and to safeguard information gathered from the relationship or provided by the mentee
*To encourage participation in CLA and CASLIS activities and committees
*To complete the Mentor Evaluation form upon completion of an assignment
*To contact the Chair of the Mentoring Program if problems arise

How will the mentor benefit from the relationship?

*Assist in the growth and education of library professionals
*Contribute to the success of the next generation of librarians and paraprofessionals
*Gain insight and exposure to new and cutting edge librarianship from new graduates
*Strengthen problem solving, listening and leadership skills
*Liaise and network with individuals in the special library community who have similar goals and interests