Wicomico County Walking Audit

Can you walk to where you want to go? Please tell us about your walking experiences in Wicomico County. If work, school, place of worship, bus stop, library, store, restaurant, etc. is within a reasonable distance from home, do safety concerns prevent you from walking there? How about walking from work to where you want to go, for example, to a meeting or to lunch? Please complete as many of these walking audits as you wish. Thank you for your help.

* 1. Contact Information:

* 2. Instructions: Identify a route or location for walking or running. Review this survey's checklist. After exploring the route (by walking or running) please choose an overall rating for each category. Note any problems and offer suggestions for improvements.

* 3. Sidewalks or walkways: (Check all that apply)

  Yes No
Is there a sidewalk on this route?
If there was no sidewalk, was there a walkway?

* 4. Crossing Streets: (Check all that apply)

  Yes No
Are there marked crosswalks on this route?
Is there a pedestrian median strip?
Are there cross lights or traffic signals?

* 5. Drivers' behavior: (Check all that apply)

  Yes No
Did drivers stop for pedestrians at crosswalks?
Did drivers obey posted speed limits?
Did drivers obey traffic lights?

* 6. Environmental issues: (Check all that apply)

  Yes No
Can pedestrians see on-coming traffic?
Is there sufficient lighting for walking at night?
Do you feel safe walking in this area?

* 7. Additional Comments or Suggestions for Improvements