Designers Survey

Please fill out the following survey regarding your requested time slot for our January 21st meeting and the game you intend to bring. If you intend to play test more than one game, please fill out a separate survey for each game. I need these surveys filled out completely, even if you have previously given me this information. In addition I need you to please provide a graphic for your game for your summary sign. Please email that to me separately to If you do not have one, please email me and let me know. Thank you!

* 1. The name of the game to be play tested.

* 2. Please provide your contact information for follow up. (For multiple names, start with the main contact, and insert commas between designers)

* 4. Do you have a website for your game/company?

* 6. Please provide the minimum and maximum number of players. If your game is designed to only accommodate a specific number of players, please enter the same number twice.

* 7. Please provide a one or two sentence description of your game (or your "hook line"). Warning this may be edited for space reasons.

* 8. When can you play test?
Please choose which shifts you are available. If selecting a "Both" option, please note that you are saying that you are available and willing to play testing during both shifts, however if only one shift is available, you would prefer the selected shift. Full day tables will be offered if extra seating is available the day of the event. This is also a "first signed-up, first filled" event. Therefore you may not get your preferred slot if it is already full. You will be contacted if there is a conflict in schedule.

* 9. Do you have any questions for me or special requests? (I.E. I need two tables)
You can also email me at
NOTE:not all special requests can be accommodated but I will try my best to fulfill as many as possible.