ELIXIR is a pan-European data infrastructure for the life sciences comprising a hub, based at Hinxton near the EBI, and national nodes that provide ELIXIR’s technical activities.

ELIXIR-UK currently co-leads two ELIXIR “platforms”: the training platform and the interoperability platform. Within the UK ELIXIR-UK has led the national coordination of statistics and metabolomics training, the introduction of Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry training in the UK and the development of TeSS (a novel portal to allow discovery of training materials). In the next 1-2 years ELIXIR-UK plans to widen its remit to facilitate closer interactions between relevant UK communities and ELIXIR.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess the actual and potential impact of ELIXIR and ELIXIR-UK within the UK.

* 1. What research community do you perceive yourself as being part of?

* 2. Which funding body, if any, do you tend to receive most of your funding from?

* 4. What is your understanding and expectation of the UK investment and participation in ELIXIR?

* 5. What do you see as the value of ELIXIR for you, and more widely the community of researchers you are part of?

* 6. Have you interacted with any of the activities currently being carried out by ELIXIR or ELIXIR-UK and if so what has been your role in these interactions?

* 7. How do you think you should be engaging with ELIXIR?

* 8. How do you think you should benefit from involvement in ELIXIR?

* 9. Why should the UK Research Councils continue to invest in ELIXIR, and what benefit do you expect to receive from this investment as a scientist and recipient of their funding?

* 10. What would the risk to you be if we did not participate in ELIXIR?