A survey for parents of high school students about career planning

* 1. ARE YOU A PARENT OR GUARDIAN of a high-school-age student? Is the topic of career planning an easy topic of conversation? Do you think your child feels confident, worried, ready for the future, or not-so-ready? DID YOU KNOW that many successful adults did not know when they were in high school that they would be in their current careers? Of course, many people chose a career path early on, studied for a particular career, and have enjoyed that career path all along. But for many people, careers evolve over time, as one career opportunity leads to another, and as they continually learn new skills and build their careers.

THIS SURVEY asks about career planning experiences -- with the assurance that it is fine if a student's career plans are continuing to evolve!!

Check all that apply -- how do you think your son/daughter feels about career planning?

* 2. If you can, list one or more career areas that might interest your son/daughter.

* 3. What do you think your son/daughter will do first after high school? (Such as college, training, work, etc.) Please check the options that you and your son/daughter are considering. (Or, if he/she is already out of high school, check what your son/daughter is currently doing.)

* 4. Which of these career exploration activities has your son/daughter done so far? [based on your knowledge] Check all that apply.

* 5. In your opinion, what are the most helpful things that your child's school or program does to help students learn about careers?

* 6. What do you think your child's school or program should do (or do more of) to help STUDENTS learn about careers?

* 7. What do you think your child's school or program should do (or should do more of) to help PARENTS help with their children's college and career planning?

* 8. If your son or daughter has had a job, internship, or volunteer position, what do you think they learned from this experience? Check as many as apply.

* 9. What is your child's current grade or school status? (Or if this is summertime, grade next fall?)