SWOT survey

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is with great joy that I share with you this update from our Saint Nicholas Strategic Planning Committee under the chairmanship of Vasile Faklis and Jon Lelekis. The Committee has been working for six months to discuss the future of our Cathedral Family. Many hours have already been spent preparing for this monumental process that will lead our Cathedral Family into the future.

The time has come now for your participation in preparing for the future. Enclosed you will find a survey that I personally invite you to complete and return no later than March 15 to the special collection boxes located in the parish office and Cathedral narthex, or to one of our committee members. With your input we will begin to look at the issues that are important to you and our entire Cathedral Family.

Then together, as a family, we will prioritize and plan for a great future for the glory of God. Thank you for your participation in this important work for our Cathedral Family. Please pray for the Strategic Planning Committee and our entire Cathedral Family.

In Christ,

Reverend Protopresbyter Athanasios C Haros, Dean

Strategic Planning Team letter to the St. Nicholas Cathedral Community

Strategic Planning is vital to the future of our St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral parish and community. You may be asking, what is Strategic Planning? Strategic planning is the process of defining the direction and future of the St. Nicholas Cathedral community and the proper allocation of our resources to achieve our goals.  Our Strategic Plan must answer three fundamental questions:

1)    Where are we now?   
2)    Where do we want to be?     
3)    How will we get there?

The St. Nicholas Cathedral Strategic Planning Team (SPT) is responsible for identifying, planning and implementing the overall strategic plan for our parish well into the future.

Operating with the support of the Cathedral Parish Council, we will be actively engaging community members in conversation regarding strategic thinking, which we believe will strengthen everyone’s commitment to our parish and our Greek Orthodox faith.

We, the SPT, need your help in shaping the future of our parish, not only for the immediate future, but also the future of our children and grandchildren. Please provide us your thoughts and opinions by reviewing and answering the following SWOT survey as we seek to explore our parish’s Strengths and Weaknesses while also exploring our Opportunities and Threats (SWOT).

As you think and reflect on our community’s SWOT items, please focus on the bigger strategic issues while also considering our various programs, ministries, talents, parishioners, finances as well as other key areas that can affect and help shape our future.

The following SWOT survey is totally anonymous and the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral Community greatly appreciates your active participation and honest responses to each of the four primary questions provided on the following pages.

The deadline for submission is being extended to Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Thank you for your help on this very important mission,

The St. Nicholas Cathedral Strategic Planning Team

Question Title

* 1. Category 1: Strengths

What does St. Nicholas Cathedral do well?

Use these example questions to help you identify strengths
·       What needs of our church community are we meeting successfully?
·       What are our greatest strengths and achievements?
·       What areas are growing within our church community that will benefit the future?

Question Title

* 2. Category 2: Weaknesses

What problems does St. Nicholas Cathedral face as a community that needs to be overcome?

Use these example questions to help you identify weaknesses
·       What actions and/or activities appear to be declining?
·       Which church and parish needs are we not meeting?
·       What are we not doing to prepare for the future, our children?

Question Title

* 3. Category 3: Opportunities

What is changing in our community (or in society) that is affecting us?

Use these example questions to help you identify opportunities
·    How can we turn our strengths into greater opportunities?
·    How can we turn our weaknesses into opportunities to improve our parish?
·    What could we do in the future that is not being currently done?

Question Title

* 4. Category 4: Threats

How are our weaknesses becoming serious?

Use these example questions to help you identify threats
·  Are any of our weaknesses preventing St. Nicholas from growing in the future?
·  What might cause problems in the future?
·  What changes in society are affecting us?

Question Title

* 5. Other Comments or Suggestions

Question Title

* 6. Please circle your age bracket: