About the Award: 

This is an award to recognize any adult who has demonstrated determination and courage in overcoming challenges to be successful in their learning. In cherished memory of Yvonne Heninger, teacher, colleague and life long learner, who herself overcame tremendous life challenges to return to education as an adult.

The award is open to any adult literacy learner who has attended a literacy program in Waterloo-Wellington (currently enrolled or within the past 2 years). The winner(s) will receive a Certificate of Achievement and a small cash award to be used toward their future education or training (Example: GED examination fee, post-secondary application fee, cost of books, clothes for job, etc.)

Please Note: Every nomination must include:
  • Learner/Nominee Contact Information
  • Nominator Contact Information
  • Description of the reasons for nomination (this should also explain how the nominee might use the cash award).
For more information about the Yvonne Heninger Memorial Award:

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