Careers Evaluation

* 1. Please indicate which services/activities you remember using throughout your years at Lynfield College

* 2. Please select the 5 most useful services/activities you used.

* 3. Please rate how well you have developed the following career management competencies

  Low Competent Highly competent
AWARENESS OF SELF eg. I know my skills, attitudes, values, strengths & key influences & that these change as I develop
OPPORTUNITY AWARENESS eg. I can identify my future possibilities & opportunities beyond school & use this information
DECIDING & ACTING eg.I understand consequences of my career choices & decisions & the impact of them on myself & others
TRANSITIONS eg.I know how to make flexible life, learning & work plans & how to be adaptable & responsive to change

* 5. Thank you for your above responses. Feel free to comment further about the service you have had through the Careers Centre across your time at school: