What is the YouthNow Alumni?

The YouthNow Alumni is a free social networking group for young people aged 29 and under who have previously participated in a YouthNow program. By enrolling in YouthNow's Alumni Program you are free to access ongoing support from YouthNow whenever you choose. Benefits to you include employment and careers networking, access to resources on-line and in person, youth activities, prizes and more. (For more information please call YouthNow on 8311 5800 or visit us at www.youthnow.org.au).

To receive one of ten $50 Coles/Myer Gift Cards, simply complete this on-line survey and then register to enrol in the YouthNow Alumni.

Please answer all 10 of the following questions. Thank you for your participation!

1. Have you received assistance from YouthNow in the past?

2. How long since you've had contact with YouthNow?

3. What are you doing now?

4. What is your next step?

5. Would you like support with

6. Select highest school level completed

7. Name of school you attended and when you finished

8. Would you like to enrol in the YouthNow Alumni?

9. Please provide your name and contact details (we will contact you by phone or email if you win)

The YouthNow Alumni is a Learn Local program. This privacy statement is for your benefit.

I understand that YouthNow is required to provide the Victorian Government, through the Department of Education and training, with student and training activity data which may include information I provide in this enrolment form. Information is required to be provided in accordance with the Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines ( which are available at: http://www.education.vic.gov.au/training/providers/rto/Pages/datacollection.aspx) The Department may use the information provided to it for planning, administration, policy development, program evaluation, resource allocation, reporting and/or research activities. For these and other lawful purposes, the Department may also disclose information to its consultant, advisors, other government agencies, professional bodies and/or other organisations. I have been advised by the training organisation that I may be contacted and requested to participate in a National Centre for Vocational Education research survey or a Department-endorsed project or audit or review.

The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 requires YouthNow to collect and disclose my personal information for a number of purposes including the allocation to me of a Victorian Student Number and updating my personal information on the Victorian Student Register.

For more information in relation to how student information may be used or disclosed please contact YouthNow’s Privacy Officer on 8311 5800 or info@youthnow.org.au

10. I acknowledge and agree to the terms described in this privacy statement

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