We are building a Youth Hub and we want YOUR help to make sure it suits our community’s needs!
The Youth Hub is a response to the lack of permanently based youth services in the Pittwater region and the need to support our community from the North to the South. Many Youth Services are coming together to deliver this service in the area to support 12-24 year old’s and their family/support people.

You will be able to make an appointment to see a trained support worker or drop in as required. The worker will chat to you about the reason for coming in and then connect you with the most appropriate professional service.

We hope many services will be able to deliver support out of the Youth Hub to ensure young people and their family/carers have access to appropriate and professional intervention for such things as (but not limited to);

* Overwhelming or stressful feelings
* Drug and alcohol use
* Sexual Health issues
* Mental Health concerns
* Homelessness
* School disengagement