Supporting the 'Act Now on Killer Robots' petition

"Fully autonomous weapon systems are mechanised weapons of war capable of choosing and attacking targets without any meaningful human intervention. These killer robots are able to make their own decisions over the life and death of human beings – based on pre-programmed stereotypes, labels, and strings of digital code. Now is the time for us to take action! We have the chance to push for our government - and governments around the world - to take action to ensure that the devastating impacts of these weapons are never unleashed on humanity."

This is your opportunity to add your name to the youth call for action supporting the 'Act Now on Killer Robots' petition to parliament.

Tap the arrow below to read the call for action, then add your name on the next page.

Deadline: If you want to have your name included when the youth call for action is submitted to parliament as part of the process of Select Committee consideration of the petition, please make sure you sign it by Tuesday, 16 November 2021. The call for action will then remain open for signature for a further three months for additional names to be added.

If you have any enquiries, or would also like to make your own submission on the petition, please contact the Aotearoa New Zealand Campaign to Stop Killer Robots,

Thank you

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