Thank you for your interest in UVM Extension's Youth Ag. IDA Program!

What is an Agricultural IDA Program?

IDA stands for Individual Development Account. It is like any other savings account, only with an IDA, savings are matched with program dollars. Participants will save money for one year toward a business asset purchase. During that year you will get structured financial literacy training, business management coaching, mentoring from qualified farm business management specialists and established farmers, as you develop a business plan.

Upon successful completion of the one-year program, participants’ savings will be matched at a rate of 2:1. With a $500 ceiling, this means a participant would potentially have $1,500 to use for an asset purchase for their business. Young farmers will exit the program possessing both seed capital and financial literacy skills- key components in establishing an independent enterprise or assuming more of a management role in the family farm operation.

Who Qualifies?

- Youth, ages 14-21, engaged or interested in agriculture.
- Youth who have grown up on a working farm, but have not yet assumed a significant management role in family farm operation.
- Young farmers who would be good candidates for the FSA Rural Youth Loan Program, but are not eligible because they have not had business management training or experience yet.
- Youth participating in FSA, FFA or 4-H

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