Let's dip inside your suitcase


We'd like to know about your suitcase and its adventures. Answer the questions below & you'll go in the draw to win return flights for 2 on our scheduled network.

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* 1. What's the most unusual thing you packed for your last holiday?

* 2. What's the most unusual thing you've EVER packed?

* 3. In general, how far ahead do you start packing for your trip?

* 4. When they're not in use, where do you store your empty suitcases?

* 5. What sort of suitcase do you usually travel with?

* 6. How old is the suitcase you usually travel with?

* 7. Many people add something to their suitcase to make them stand out on the baggage carousel. Have you personalised your bag?

* 8. Have you ever picked up somebody else's baggage at the carousel? If so, how long was it before you realised?

* 9. What is the strangest holiday souvenir you've ever bought?

* 10. What is the one thing you can't live without and always take with you on holiday?