Planning Application Reference Number (e.g. 2013/01234/PA)

What address was the application for?

Briefly, what was the planning application for? (e.g. Erection of rear extension)


1. Did you feel sufficiently informed about our service before making an application?

2. How did you access this information? You can select more than one option?

3. Did you use our pre application advice service, if no, please explain?

4. If you used the pre application service, how would you rate the quality of the pre application advice we provided?

5. Did you have any contact with the Planning Officer during the processing of your application, if no, please explain?

6. How would you rate the overall professionalism of the Planning Officer?

If you used our Contact Centre (303 1115) how would you rate the quality of the service you received?

9. Did you have any reason to contact the department during the lifetime of your application? if yes how did you contact us?

10. If yes to question 9 do you think that this was dealt with quickly and efficiently? If no please explain why?

11. How would you rate our overall service?

12. Do you have any suggestions for improving the service we provide? If yes please explain.