About this survey

Just recently, the WIA Reform Group published a response to the WIA's Submission to the ACMA (12 April 16).  You will have noted that our Board failed to undertake adequate research, apply reasonable justifications to their requests and failed to consult with it's own members.

The purpose of this survey is to get your feedback regarding your Amateur Radio privileges.  Your Board has made some fairly radical and poorly considered proposals.  They have not consulted with members and have no mandate from VK Amateur Radio Operators.

We appreciate you taking a few moments to complete the survey.  We will publish the results on our web site and send a copy to the Board of the WIA.  For more information please visit www.wiarg.org.



* 1. Are you a WIA member?

* 2. What is your licence grade?

* 3. How long have you been licenced?

* 4. Should Foundation Licensees have access to data modes?

* 5. Should Foundation Licensees be able to build their own equipment?

* 6. Should Foundation licensees have access to more bands?

* 7. If you answered yes to 6, how many more bands?

* 8. Should Standard licensees have access to more bands?

* 9. If you answered yes to 8, how many more bands?

* 10. Do you support combining the Advanced and Standard licence (i.e. Standard licensees are granted Advanced privileges; or privileges very similar), so that there are only effectively two grades of licence – Foundation and Advanced?

* 11. If you hold an Advanced Licence, would you undertake a supplementary course in electromagnetic radiation (EMR) safety (which could be on line) to allow you to operate high power?

* 12. If you hold an Advanced licence, would you support changes to the licensing syllabus to bring it into line with the latest technical and safety advances in amateur radio, such as software defined radios, advanced digital modes and electromagnetic radiation safety?