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Question Title

1. I understand that my participation in this research is voluntary and that I may withdraw from the survey at any time.

As a participant in this study, I will spend approximately thirty minutes responding to survey questions that pertain to my experiences with a best boss/as a best boss.

Although participation involves no future obligation, I may be contacted for future follow-up questions and will have the opportunity to participate if I so wish.

I understand that:
  • This survey presents no risks other than what I might feel from thinking about the questions that are asked.
  • Verbatim excerpts from my replies may be reported in presentations and publications. In these instances, identifying information (e.g., names, titles, dates, organizations, etc.) will be deleted or modified to maintain anonymity of respondent and his/her best boss.
  • If I provide my contact information, I will be provided with a copy of the research results, when available.

The survey has been explained to me and I have a satisfactory understanding of it. Any further questions about the research and my rights as a participant will be answered if I contact the project director, Duncan Ferguson, (312-236-9351).

I have read the material above and any questions I asked have been answered to my satisfaction. I agree to participate in this activity, realizing that I may withdraw without penalty at any time. I have printed out my own copy of the participation form.

25% of survey complete.