1. "Youth, faith and vocational discernment" Synod of Bishops October 2018

In October 2018 Bishops from around the world will gather (at a Synod) with Pope Francis to talk about how the Catholic Church can do a better job of communicating with and assisting young people (ages 16-30).

We want to hear from you!  When the Bishops of the world meet in Rome we want to ensure that your input is heard.
Please note:
-   This survey is for anyone ages 16-30 whether or not you go to church.
-   You will not be contacted unless you wish to be contacted. You will remain anonymous. 
-   If you complete the survey including questions 34 - 37 you will automatically qualify for a random draw to win one of three pre-paid credit cards (1 at $250 and 2 at $100 each) Draw is open to residents of the Diocese of London.