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* 1. How did you learn about MASS AWIS?

* 2. What is your highest degree of education?

* 3. What field are you currently working/studying in?

* 4. How many years of professional experience do you have?

* 5. What is your job title/current occupation?

* 6. Are you a member of MASS AWIS?

* 7. If you are a current member of MASS AWIS, will you renew your membership next year?

* 8. MASS AWIS has created a scholarship fund to help offset the cost of membership for individuals suffering from hardship. We offer different levels of scholarship and accept applications three times a year.  (Click for more details.)

Have you heard of it? And are you interested in it?

* 9. Is there a particular day of the week that works better than others when attending events? Please specify.

* 10. If an event is in the evening, what's your preferred starting time?

* 11. If an event is in the evening, what's your preferred ending time?

* 12. Do you have a preferred location for events?

* 13. How do you primarily hear about MASS AWIS events?

* 14. Have you attended a MASS AWIS event this year?

* 15. Please check off MASS AWIS events you have attended in 2017 or would attend a similar event in the future, and pick your favorite and least favorite events. 

  Attended Would Attend in the Future  Most Favorite  Least Favorite
Cracking the Workplace Communication Code: Oct.18, 2017
Reset Strategies: Making the Most of Stress through Concrete Strategies: Sep.13, 2017
Happy Hour with the MASS AWIS Board: Putting the “Fun” in the Scholarship FundL Jul.19, 2017
MASS AWIS Open House 2017: Jun.14, 2017
She Prevailed: The Secrets to Start-up Success in STEM from Women Entrepreneurs: May.23, 2017
Join MASS AWIS at the March for Science-Boston: Apr.22, 2017
Career Speed Networking with STEM Professionals: Apr.21, 2017
Mindfulness and Compassion: the Science and the Practice: Mar.22, 2017
Useful Tips for Reviewers: A Workshop on Peer Review: Feb.23, 2017
The Proper Etiquette of Job Hunting: Jan.26, 2017
3rd Annual AWIS Central MA Holiday Social: Dec.15, 2016

* 16. MASS AWIS hosts a variety of programs. Which program appeals to you the most?

* 17. MASS AWIS hosts numerous events every year on career development, networking, CV/resume workshops, salary negotiation and more. Please select how interested you would be to attend events/workshops on the following topics:

  Not at all interested Moderately interested Very interested
Career Advice/Development
Emerging technologies/companies in life sciences
Emerging technologies/companies in engineering
Emerging technologies/companies in technology
Emerging technologies/companies in healthcare
Emerging technologies/companies in physical sciences
Project Management
Work/life balance

* 18. We are making efforts to diversify our members, events and programs. Could you share any suggestions for other groups or organizations we should reach out to, or specific events or programs that might appeal to women across the full range of ‘STEM’?”

* 19. Have you participated in the Mentoring Circles Program?

* 20. Did you participate in the Mentoring Circles Program as a

* 21. Are you interested in volunteering for a MASS AWIS committee if not already doing so? (If interested, please provide your name and email or email us directly at and/or check out

* 22. If you have participated, will or did you remain a MASS AWIS member after the end of the mentoring program?

* 23. MASS AWIS is your voice, your network, your resource. Please feel free to share any other comments or suggestions. If you would like us to address any of your comments or suggestions directly, please provide your name and email address or email us directly at

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