Please review and update your previous answers to Survey #1 and enter your responses to the new questions.

This survey provides us information on the following subjects:
1) Selection of the option for 3 additional days in the English Lake District
2) Emergency Contact(s)
3) Bed configuration preference
4) Group Dining and beverages preferences
5) Mobility limitations
6) Special occasions
7) Cell phone usage
8) Airline reservation scheduling

We will use this information to complete detailed planning for all of the tours and events of our Y63 British Isles 2016 Tour and to assure maximum comfort and safety for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey.
Jon Larson and Jim Thompson


* 1. Enter your Lastname, Firstname

* 2. Enter your travelmate's Lastname, Firstname

* 3. Enter your preferred Email contact

* 4. Enter a preferred Email contact for your Travelmate. (optional)

* 5. Please provide your preferred phone contact (mobile or home) and the best time to call.

* 6. Please provide the name, city/state, phone number and relationship of person(s) to contact in the event of an Emergency. If multiple, please prioritize.

* 7. I note the current tour price is $6,800 per person double occupancy for the full September 11-30th tour, including the optional English Lakes District September 27-30th.  Subtract $825 pp if skipping the English Lakes tour.  Add $870 for single occupancy.

* 8. Will you join the three day tour extension (September 27-30th) to the English Lake District?  The cost is $825 per person additional over the $5,975 cost for the 17 day tour.

* 9. Do you want to join the optional Windsor Castle tour the afternoon of our arrival date on September 11th?   1-5pm.  Cost is est. $48.00 per person.

* 10. Do either of you have any dietary restrictions of which we should be aware?

* 11. Please specify your bed configuration preference..

* 12. Group dining and beverage policy:  For group dining where the establishment requires us to choose a single dinner plan for all of us, we will try to pre-select from the widest possible number of choices over all of the shared group meals. 

Regarding our individual preferences for beverages for the group dinners and for our lavish cocktail parties preceding most dinners, our policy will be to:

1) Split the dinner bill equally regardless of individual food order,
2) Include wine ordered and shared by everyone during dinner in the equal splitting of the dinner bill for the group. The exception is very expensive wine ordered by an individual which he/she will pay for separately.
3) Have a Cash Bar basis for our cocktail parties meaning each of us will pay cash at the bar for our own drinks before dinner. 
4) For the several evenings where we are free to dine at locations of our own choice, of course, we will pay our own bills.  

For yourself personally and your partner, do you have any suggestions to improve this general policy?

* 13. Do you have any mobility restrictions of which we should be aware?

* 14. At several of our group receptions including at the Savile Club for our Y63 Euro-Reunion, we are required to pre-select from one of two entrees. Please state your preferences for either Meat or Fish. Any advance requests for special dietary restrictions will be honored.

* 15. We are recommending we all use our own cell phones in the UK.  There are two ways to adapt your US phone to work efficiently in the UK.
1) Install a SIM card purchased in UK (provided your cell phone is open adaptable)
2) Call your carrier and purchase an upgrade plan for International travel.  Cancel upon your return.

3) Or you can use a service by CellHire which we all used last year on the France tour in 2015. 
3a) BASIC PLAN: Cost is $59.00 total one-time setup fee for one phone, sharable by two persons for up to 30 days of usage in the British Isles. Usage charges: Inbound texting and inbound calls are free, calls to the U.S. are $0.79 per min; calls to British Isles from the U.S.  $0.59 per min; text to British cell phones $0.29 each; text to US phones $0.59 each

3b) UNLIMITED PLAN: Cost is $120.00 one-time set up fee for one phone., Usage charges:   Unlimited calls are free (inbound and outbound) to US or British Isles. Text messages to BI cell phones are free; Texts to US cell phones $0.59 each.

Special notes:  Internet connectivity
-The bus has unlimited free Wi-Fi internet service for all computers and IPhones. 
-In addition we will carry a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot concentrator that will allow free Internet connection when within proximity of the concentrator including the person carrying the concentrator (ie Jon Larson) when not on the bus. 
-Most of our hotels offer Wi-Fi Internet connections for free or some are charge.

I plan to use the following service:

* 16. If you have any special occasions you would like us to help you celebrate on our tour as an Anniversary or Birthday or return visit, please specify below.

* 17. Please suggest any special group activities you believe others would be interested in that we could arrange.

* 18. Please specify your preference(s) for an optional second London West End Theatre production in addition to Jersey Boys which is included.

* 19. If you have any family members who you think might like to join us in London or any other leg of the Tour.  please mention their names, ages and relationship. If there is room, we will try to accommodate family member guests (at additional cost to be specified).

* 20. What are the dates, airline, airport, and times of your planned arrival and departure to/from London?   (It is OK to answer this later when you have your airline reservations firmed up).

* 21. Suggestions, questions, recommendations and/or comments are welcome.

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You can re-enter the survey later and change previous answers and complete questions not completed previously.

Answering this survey does not obligate you to anything at this time but it does help us to complete the planning.

This Yale '63 British Isles 2016 Tour promises to be an outstanding event. Welcome aboard.

Jon Larson and Jim Thompson  (Our planning committee will be expanded)