General Information for Applicants

Migration Heritage Foundation offers renewable scholarships up to $500 to needy individuals who are attending high school, college or other post-secondary institutions or those studying for the GED. Award amounts vary depending on available funds.  These scholarships aim to enhance literacy skills, through research and writing, while developing ancestral and heritage knowledge. The annual application period begins January 1 and ends May 1.

Application Criteria:
Applicants must be:
1. Age 18 or above.
2. A U.S. resident.
3. Needy:  Applicant should submit only ONE of the following to verify needy status:
     (a) Copy of notice verifying eligibility for either reduced meal rates, food stamps or summer feeding program.
     (b) Copy of notice Free Application For Federal Student  Aid (FAFSA) eligibility notice.  Visit for information about how to apply for FAFSA.
     (c) Copy of parent/guardian’s income tax return for the previous year to verify household income below the poverty level. If income tax return is provided, please remove all identifying information such as date of birth and first five digits of social security number. (Visit for more information about the poverty level).
     (d) Other acceptable documentation to verify needy status.
4. Complete the scholarship application below (also available at, click on “Scholarships”) and submit it online. 

Complete Applications:
The Foundation will consider applications complete when all of the following are received:
(1) Completed application submitted online.
(2) One item listed under #3 above to verify the applicant's needy status. This proof may be submitted either via e-mailed to or mailed to MHF, PO Box 247, Durant, MS 39063.

Post-selection Requirements:
If you are selected for the scholarship/stipend you must submit the following before receiving the award:
1.  A 3000-word-or-less Essay titled, “My (applicant's nationality, i.e. African American, Indian, Asian, Caucasian, etc.) Roots, My American Dreams.” The essay should be written by the applicant, 3,000 words or less, and e-mailed to: S. Gist at The document should be submitted as soon as possible after being notified that he/she is eligible for the award.  The selection committee uses the narrative to select awardees.
2.  The applicant should submit a recent photo, which may be used to publicize our program and solicit donations from potential supporters.

Once the above two items are received, the application will be forwarded to the selection committee.  Every effort will be made to completion the selection process and notify applicants by May 15.

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