* 1. Please rate your top 10 preferences for improving the RDSP from the following options, 1 being top preference and 10 being less preferred. You can add one of your own (and rate it) at the bottom. (No ties allowed)

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Reduce the holdback amount to five years
Implement a federal solution to allow access to people don't have contractual capacity
Encourage provinces and territories to make the RDSP creditor proof
Permit emergency withdrawals without repayment of the holdback amount
Enable people with progressive diseases to qualify for RDSPs before they qualify for the DTC
Ensure the RDSP is not taxable in the United States
Do not collapse the RDSPs of people who lose their eligibility for the disability tax credit
Allow unused DAP payments to accumulate
Permit withdrawals without repayment of the holdback amount to purchase a home
Allow financial institutions to charge management fees on the holdback amount
Allow child welfare authorities to act as account holder of RDSPs until the beneficiary is 25 years
Permit the rollover of beneficiary’s RRSPs to RDSPs
Permit the life expectancy in the LDAP formula to be determined a physician
Make a beneficiary's primary residence an RDSP investment option