* 1. Have You Ever Attended A PRA National Convention At Mentone Airport?

* 2. When thinking about your motivations to attend the PRA National Convention please rank your strongest reasons to attend.

  Some Interest, Not a big deal Low Motovation High Motovation Major Motovation N/A
The Bell and Mentone Museums
Fireworks Display
To Meet with Old Friends
To Meet New Friends
To Support the PRA
To Show My Machine
To See The Machines On the Ground Up Close
Get My 2-Year proficiency Sign-off
To Watch Machines Fly
Have A DAR Certify By Rotorcraft
To Fly With Friends
To Fly Cross Country Events
To Get A Ride

* 3. If you currently own a personal rotorcraft what would be one thing that would help motivate you to bring your machine to the convention?

* 4. If you own a personal rotorcraft what is the think that would most likely motivate you to leave your machine home and attend without your aircraft?

* 5. What seminars / presentations are of the most interest to YOU.

NOTE: Please DO NOT vote for the seminars / presentations that you would like to see run because you think other people should see them or would like them.

Rank only the seminars YOU would like to attend.

  I Would Consider Attending This I Would Like to Attend This I Would Like to Attend This Very Much I Would Make Sure To Attend This
Kit Helicopter Building / Maint
PRA Museum Tour
How to Pass Pilot Exams
How to Track / Balance Rotorblades Manually
Vendor Presentations on accessories (pre-rotators, tanks, parts)
Gyroplane Stability Issues
PRA Programs
Tips / Presentation on Rotorcraft Building
How to volunteer and get involved with the PRA
Kit Gyroplane Building / Maint
Gyroplane Instructor Presentations
Vendor Presentations on specific makes / models
How to Track / Balance Rotorblades Using A Balancer
How to get a homebuilt rotorcraft inspected / certified

* 6. What Seminars / Presentations Would You Like to See Given At The National Convention?

* 7. What Attractions Would You Suggest To Add To The National Convention?

* 8. Are You A Currnet Rotorcraft Pilot and Aircraft Owner?

* 9. What Would You Suggest The PRA Do To Promote The 2011 National Convention?

* 10. What Would Most Motovate You To Volunteer 2 Hours Of Your Time During The Convention?

  This Would Be Nice This Would Motivate Me This Would Motivate Me A Great Deal N/A
Volunteer Pizza Party On Friday Night
Recognition at the Banquet
"PRA Staff" T-Shirt
Recognition in the Magazine
Recognition on the PRA Web Site
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