Dear Calaveras County Land Owner,

If you are responding to our post card, your current land use designation may allow you the potential to split your parcel and have multiple dwellings upon it.

Calaveras County's latest proposed change to your land use designation may reduce the number of future dwellings on your parcel thereby potentially reducing the value of your land.

If you ever considered selling a portion of your land so that another dwelling could be built, under the proposed plan, this may not be permitted.

Additionally, even if you had no plans to divide your land but enjoyed the increased land value associated with the ability to have multiple dwellings, if the county makes the proposed changes, that increased land value may be taken from you.

At this time it appears that Calaveras County has no plans to inform individual property owners of this change and the possible decrease in land value that may result.

Our Taxpayer Association encourages those affected to help us seek reform of the plan to protect property rights.

Therefore we are attempting to identify land owners who may suffer as result of the county's proposed change and establish email communications with them. There are over 1,000 properties owners affected.

If you would consider a donation to help pay for the cost of mailing and possible legal expense, this can be done on line at or by calling 785-1491.

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* 1. The county should obtain approval from the land owner before changing land use.

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