Thank you very much for your participation in the San Luis Obispo County Non-Profit Survey 2013, developed by Beacon Economics in collaboration with the Central Coast Economic Forecast. When complete, the study will reveal the diverse and substantial economic and social impacts that nonprofits across the San Luis Obispo region have on our area's growth and quality of life. Upon release, it will be widely publicized both inside and outside San Luis Obispo County.

All survey responses will be held in the strictest confidence and the storage, transmission, and analysis of all data will be managed using only best practices for the treatment of confidential information. The published results will reflect aggregate calculations and will never reveal individual organizations' data. Beacon Economics will serve as the sole escrow for all survey responses. Any responses provided will be observed by no other party than Beacon Economics. A "Non-Disclosure Agreement" can also be implemented and signed by Beacon Economics LLC, whose analysts will have exclusive access to the research data.

More details about this project can be found by contacting Beacon Economics Managing Partner, Sherif Hanna at 424-646-4656.

A questionnaire will be forwarded to the email address provided in this survey by Beacon Economics.

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