Transportation Systems Public Comment Survey

Thank you for taking the time to review and provide feedback on our Transportation Systems career field technical standards. This will have a direct impact on the skills students are required to learn as they pursue careers or paths to postsecondary education in the Transportation Systems career field.

As you complete the survey, please reference the 2013 Transportation Systems Career Field Technical Content Standards document.  The actual standards begin on page 20 of the pdf document.

When commenting on a competency, please be sure align your comment to actual competency following the question.  This will allow us to directly link your feedback to the specific competency as we begin the revision process with industry and education professionals.  For your convenience, questions are arranged by the following broad topics:
  • Questions  4-26  Business Operations/21st Century Skills
  • Questions 27-35  Safety, Tools and Maintenance
  • Questions 36-46  Engine Adjustments and Repair
  • Questions 47-65  Systems Performance
  • Questions 66-82  Drivetrain
  • Questions 83-95  Body and Frames
  • Questions 96-124  Aviation and Aeronautics
  • Questions 125-167  Airframe
If you do not have any comments or feedback for a of the competency, simply do not provide an answer.  There are no required answers in this survey.  You only need to provide an answer for competencies you wish to leave feedback for. 

Please keep in mind, the competencies are designed to be the skill or knowledge that an entry level worker should possess when entering the workforce after completing their career-technical program of study. If you are an industry professional and would like to take part in our standards revision process, please provide your name, organization, position and email address to

Thank you again for your time and effort in completing this important first step in our standards revision process.

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* 1. What is your role as it relates to Ohio's K-12 Education System?

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* 2. Are you currently a teacher of a state-approved career-technical education course?

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