Communication with families is vital to the work we do. Three years ago, in an effort to gain a better understanding of the Guidance Department’s strengths and areas for improvement, the Guidance Advisory Committee developed a short survey for families. Feedback from that survey provided direction for us to revamp the Newton South Guidance Department website, enhance our developmental guidance lessons, and create our new college planning guide. We hope you will take a moment to again provide us with valuable input to help us to assess our growth and identify areas for continued improvement. Please do not include the names of students or counselors when completing the survey.

Your input matters. We hope you will take a few minutes to complete the survey.

* 1. What are the Guidance Department's strengths?

* 2. In what way(s) can the Guidance Department improve its services to students and families?

* 3. How can the College & Career Center and its counselor best serve your student and family?

* 4. Which of these resources do you find most helpful for general guidance, college and career information? Choose any that apply.

* 5. What type of information do you look for from the Guidance Department's homepage, which can be found under the "Counseling" tab of the Newton South High School website?

* 6. What do you feel is the most effective mode of communication to receive information from the Guidance Department?